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2016 a mammoth year for Goholi and her corporate team?

We have a large business network in Australia and throughout South East Asia.
We have over 18 years experience across the region.
Consultation with our selected Trading Floors in USA and London, USA and European Funds Management Firms and Sophisticated Private Investors, State Enterprise and National Company Investors across the globe in seeking expressions of interest into Greenfield and Brownfield projects with partners access to USD $16 Billion in funding.
Known for early concept design project planning and feasability consultation and earthy advice with a futuristic vision.
Previous early project consultation includes Livestock Farming, Mineral Licenses, Forestry projects, Defense projects, Modular Mining Design Process Plant, Aquaculture and Agriculture Projects, Security Planning, Banking Licenses, Information Technology, Clean and Green Technology Projects.
Consultation also with Tourism in Island Redevelopment, Golf Courses, Safari Camps and Adventure Tour Companies, Luxury Hotels, International Airlines.

2016 November Kuala Lumpur:

Business partner Peter Styles Consulting arrived in Kuala Lumpur to update Goholi corporate advisors on our investment cattle farming, dairy, agriculture along with it's future export opportunities from Australia to Asia.
Goholi many of the corporate advisors arrived in from overseas to attend the 2 day meetings at the luxury Pullman Hotel (Prince hotel).
Goholi corporate advisors attending on this occassion Nigel Wong (seated 2nd from left), Ynes Ker (seated far back left), Edward Lim (seated 2nd from the right), SY Fong (seated front right).
Sl Shiel (front left).
Peter Styles seated 3rd on the left.
Goholi CEO Rob Berude seated back right.
Business partner Tengku Raizul seated 3rd on the right.
Goholi corporate advisors absent (Steph Lin, Kim Teng, Bill Kmon, Matt Hutchinson, Albert Yap and Bill Kmon).
Bottom photo discussion with China - Malaysia Silk Route offical and advisor.

2016 December Kuala Lumpur:

Closing a deal with a champagne at KL most secluded speakeasy Tate bar with Sven (Agricultural expert) a VIP guest from Singapore.

2016 - Cattle Stations:

This year Goholi formed a consortium of experts and investors to purchase 2 cattle stations in Australia and still ongoing.

2016 - Deep Sea Farming:

With Northern Australia Development Company (a Goholi Partner) chairman Mehamood Housein and Goholi partner Tengku Raizul (Tengku).
Goholi again in another consortium completing the feasability study for deep sea farming using USA Technoloogy with partners Northern Australia Development Company.

2016 Kuala Lumpur:

With Northern Australia Development Company (a Goholi Partner) chairman Mehamood Housein discussing their investment and Goholi's involvement in one of Asia's biggest developments soon to be announced.

2016 Kuala Lumpur:

The most exciting project to come to us was the deal now complete with a renowed Swiss Watch maker to create a new line of luxury mens accessoiers (no not watches) Round A of funding USD $25m with USD $8 million investment interest todate.
This will be a joint venture between Peter Speake-Marin and Goholi.Allowing a 3-4 year timeline to launch.
500+ new lines of exclusive designs being created for the runways of fashion cities.if your interested in more information ring Rob +60 12 632 5401

Defense Week:

VVIP Defense show - I got my security clearence just in the 'nick of time' for the KL AVP exhibition displays as I was the Australia Projects Exec.

2016 - A big year in infrastructure and developments:

Goholi - Rob visted Johor Bahru for an extensive visitiation and report of a condo develpoment for his investors interested in buying the project.
Looming in the distance in Johor Bahru it's a development like no other.

Awards and Gala dinners Kuala Lumpur:

Honoured to be invitied to the Asia Success Awards as a VIP guest.

Our head corporate advisor for Indo China Albert Yap arrives in Kuala Lumpur:

Extensive round of proposals brought to the Goholi board table by Albert and great to see our very old close friend.

Our Middle East corporate advisor Khurram Abbassi arrives in Kuala Lumpur:

Khurram travels extensively and hard to get him to sit down. Discussing propsoals, funding and projects for Goholi in Pakistan, Middle East and Indonesia on this occassion.

Discussions and consultant on the lastest advancement in Bio Refineries and water treatment with Benedict DeSilva and his team arriving from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur:

With numerous visitations, discussions on investment and strategy over the year we have come to know the DeSilva team well.

A visit from the Chairman of Artic Wooden Villa arriving in from China into Kuala Lumpur was one of our highlights of the year:

Hundred's of hours and heavy investment by Goholi so far in establishing the network to introduce the product throughtout select Indo China countries and Australia.

Kuala Lumpur November 2016:

Hosting a series of meeting with the Northern Territory govenment and Hon minisiter Peter Styles and departemnt dierctors and heads with Northern Australia Development Company and Goholi and her Corporate Advisors.
Goholi business partner Tengku Raizul (Tengku).

Below Goholi and her Corporate Advisors far right Khurram Abbassi, far left Adrain Joseph, centre Ynez Ker.

Below Goholi and her Corporate Advisors 3rd far right SY Fong, far right Khurram Abbassi, far left heads of N.T. Departments.

Darwin Marine Industry Park:

Being shown around for my investors the new proposed Marine Industry Park.

Luxury Tourism:

Goholi researches different Luxury Touurism concepts regarding local eco and national luxury resorts across Malaysia.

Montzer Lunch:

With Amber Chia at the launch of Montzer (BLoyalty Sdn Bhd, which owns the customer loyalty program BCARD). I'm sure Amber only called me over for a photo because I made her look even slimmer.

Goholi Corporate Advisors:

Always great to see Stehanie Lin and Kim Teng throught the years when Rob returns to Darwin or they visit Kuala Lumpur both valued and trusted Goholi Darwin Corporate Advisors.

3rd Most Impactful Awards 2016:

Honoured to be invitied to the The 3rd Most Impactful Awards 2016 as a VIP guest (Table V1) with other Venture Capitalists from Vietnam, Laos and Hong Kong.

Meeting Senator Yeat from Cambodia (Foreign Affairs Minister):

Honoured to be invitied to meet with Senator Yeat from Cambodia (Foreign Affairs Minister) to discuss luxury travel opportunities for Goholi in Cambodia who amazingly could speak with a real Aussie accent as he studied in Australia apparently in the 70's.

Meeting Dr No (Vietnam):

Honoured to be invitied to meet with Dr D T No to discuss luxury travel and major redevelopment of areas opportunities for Goholi in Vietnam (a lot more to this too come).

Wedding of the Year for us:

Marg and I were honoured to be invitied to the weeding of Tengku Ezrique (Tengku).

Meeting Senator Yeat from Cambodia (Foreign Affairs Minister):

Meeting Senator Yeat from Cambodia (Foreign Affairs Minister) at the Palace of the Golden Horse for the Top Execllence Brand Awards.

Albert Yap - Goholi's Indo China Coporate Advisor VP.

Gala dinner for the Malaysian Bio Mass industry:

Hounered to be invited as special guest. Rob middle back with Goholi Bio Mass corporate advisor Adrain Joseph the Global Ambassador to INBIA seated left of Rob.
I was surrounded by sheer brillance.

Gala dinner for Malaysia Rotary:

Hounered to be invited as special guest. meeting the heads of various Asian regions for Rotary.

November 2015 Darwin:

So good to be back in Darwin and having long overdue quality time with Bill Kmon one of our 3 Darwin Goholi corporate advisors.

November 2015 Darwin:

So good to be back in Darwin and having a dinner with the founders of Northern Territory newest policital party One Territory - accompaning me was renowed Darwin business woman Maria Lin.

Majestic Hotel - Northern Territory Government visitation :

Hosting a series of investment opportunities in Northern Territory - thru a series VIP inviatation meetings at the Majestic hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
Honoured Tengku Raizul Goholi business partner, Tengku Ardy of AVP Engineering, Tengku Ezrique, (Tengku) came for discussions the the Hon Minister Peter Styles.

Road resurfacing - cutting edge technology:

Getting our hands dirty with 3 years now consultating to the principles of Carboncor Asia in Kuala Lumpur.

Modular Mining Design Process:

Now partners for 3 years with Multi Mechamism Kuala Lumpur for gold mining and other minerals.
Small plants with management team up and running in record time of 8 weeks starting at USD $1million.

Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals:

Honoured to be asked by the Northern Territory government for Marg my wife and I to be poster kids for Supporting Territory Business.

Lets All Think:

Goholi was behind the funding for the start Lets All Think now back in stealth Version 3.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQnHvaJ9-o8 see our lateest video.

Rob Berude
CEO - Executive Consultant - Australian and South East Asia